Information on how Creekside Ranch Treatment can help with alcohol addiction


Creekside Ranch Treatment is a residential program aimed at helping individuals with alcohol addiction. It incorporates counseling, medical care, and twelve-step meetings with natural plant-based medicine. The program believes that through comprehensive therapy, people can reclaim their lives before developing an addiction. The therapy sessions focus on understanding the emotional side of alcohol abuse. Therapists aid clients in gaining self-awareness to recognize how their emotions affect their behaviour and make positive changes. Group therapy gives individuals multiple perspectives on addiction and creates lasting improvements. Medical treatments are offered to counteract the physical effects of long-term alcohol abuse. Intake and evaluation protocols provide access to intravenous fluids during detoxification, and medications to reduce cravings. Natural plant medicines like kratom are also used to reduce stress levels. Creekside Ranch Treatment also utilises the 12 Step Methodology, yoga, mindfulness, music therapy, and wilderness excursions. Spiritual workshops help to build a ‘Bottom Line Mentality’ (BLM) towards long-term sobriety. All of these measures support the journey of recovery from alcoholism.

What is Creekside Ranch Treatment?

Creekside Ranch Treatment is a special alcohol treatment center. It’s designed to help people with alcohol addiction turn their lives around. The program takes an evidence-based treatment approach and fuses it with holistic therapies. We’ll cover the different parts of the program and explain how it helps those dealing with alcohol addiction.

Overview of Services

Creekside Ranch Treatment offers a non-12-step rehab program for alcoholism and alcohol use disorder. They provide evidence-based protocols, detoxification and personalized therapeutic services. Therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, art/expressive therapy, family counseling/support, education/group therapy and yoga. Creekside Ranch Treatment is committed to supporting each client’s individual needs. Their highly trained professionals have been providing specialized programming for over 20 years. They work with clients to understand their addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms. As part of the program, Creekside Ranch Treatment offers ongoing support. They use conventional psychotherapeutic approaches as well as non-traditional therapies such as art and music therapy. The aim is to help clients gain skills to manage their thoughts and emotions, so they can make better decisions. They provide hope, trust and guidance to help individuals rediscover a life full of potential, free from alcohol addiction. Creekside Ranch Treatment encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices:
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Gain skills to manage thoughts and emotions.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Rediscover a life full of potential.
  • Make healthier lifestyle choices.

Benefits of Creekside Ranch Treatment

Creekside Ranch Treatment is a creative, holistic way to battle alcohol abuse. It was made by Creekside Ranch to give individuals the resources they need to defeat their alcohol issues. This approach unites classic one-on-one therapy with a holistic approach. This involves physical, psychological, spiritual, and chemical aspects in each person’s plan. This helps those with alcohol use disorder make long-term changes. The advantages of Creekside Ranch Treatment include:
  • A plan customized to each person’s needs.
  • A supportive environment with no judgement.
  • Healthy coping skills to replace bad habits.
  • Education on the risks of alcohol abuse.
  • Access to a support network of addiction experts.
  • Encouragement during recovery to guarantee long-term sobriety.

What to Expect at Creekside Ranch Treatment?

Creekside Ranch Treatment is a certified center that offers personalized care to people with alcohol addiction. It has a unique focus on equine therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family involvement, and a 12-Step program. We offer a blend of conventional and holistic therapies to help in recovery and sobriety. Let’s learn what one can expect at Creekside Ranch Treatment:


At Creekside Ranch Treatment, detox is the beginning of recovery. The duration depends on the addiction severity. Monitored medical management is provided to ease physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Our team uses protocols to make the process successful. Detox isn’t enough to deal with emotional and social parts of addiction. We offer psychological counseling to help with sobriety. Therapists provide personalized plans to build resilience and manage stress. Counseling is focused on growth, acceptance, learning new behaviors, and managing triggers that can lead to relapse.

Treatment Programs

At Creekside Ranch Treatment, we know that asking for help with alcohol addiction issues is hard. That’s why we create a caring and encouraging environment where clients feel secure starting their recovery journey. We offer various treatment programs based on the individual’s needs and circumstances. Our main goal is to give an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) that works for each client. The ITP takes into account any existing problems such as depression and anxiousness, and other physical and mental health aspects. We use evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Our team is trained to provide trauma-informed care, substance abuse counseling and case management services to address the client’s overall well-being. Clients may also benefit from traditional 12-step education. We also provide family education services to build healthier relationships by talking about addiction in families. We offer referrals for medical evaluations, such as lab work, medication management, or help accessing detoxification services if needed. These pieces work together to help individuals with alcoholism achieve long-term sobriety through learning about their illness and finding tools to control it. As part of normalization, during the treatment program, clients can do recreational activities like swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, working out at our onsite fitness center, and hiking around our campus trails.

Aftercare Support

At Creekside Ranch Treatment, we understand that aftercare support is essential for successful recovery. That’s why we provide several post-treatment resources. These include:
  • Periodic meetings
  • Coaching sessions
  • Psychological assessments
  • Individualized therapy
Plus, our guests have access to on-site counseling services throughout their stay. This helps them learn how to face challenges without resorting back to unhealthy behaviors or substances. We also have weekly check-in times after each guest leaves, so our leadership staff can monitor their progress.


Although there is no cure for alcohol addiction, Creekside Ranch treatment centers provide the skills to live a healthier and happier life. They focus on physical and emotional aspects of addiction, with a range of services like detoxification, medication management, holistic healing, 12-step meetings and more. Clinicians work with clients to build individual plans. Through behavioral therapies, they give essential tools to manage cravings and embrace lasting sobriety. This helps them live a healthier lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. Aftercare programs support individuals after initial treatment. They help clients gain “tools for life”, recognizing conflicting thoughts and behaviors, practicing healthy habits, understanding emotions, and developing interpersonal skills. This helps them prepare for a long-term recovery that fits their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creekside Ranch Treatment is appropriate for anyone who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. This program is designed to help people who are looking for a solution to their alcohol addiction and are committed to making lasting changes in their lives.

Creekside Ranch Treatment offers a range of evidence-based treatment programs for alcohol addiction, including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare services. Each program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

The length of the treatment program at Creekside Ranch Treatment varies depending on the individual needs of each client. Some clients may require a longer treatment period than others, and the treatment team will work with each client to determine the appropriate length of stay.

Creekside Ranch Treatment incorporates a range of evidence-based therapies into its treatment program for alcohol addiction, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, family therapy, and more. The treatment team will work with each client to determine which therapies will be most effective for their individual needs.

Creekside Ranch Treatment has a high success rate for treating alcohol addiction. The success rate is determined by the number of clients who complete the treatment program and maintain sobriety over the long term. The treatment team at Creekside Ranch Treatment works with each client to provide the support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

Yes, Creekside Ranch Treatment accepts insurance from a variety of providers. The admissions team will work with each client to verify their insurance coverage and determine the best way to cover the cost of treatment.

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