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Darryl Monteilh, LAC, Licensed Addiction Counselor

Sessions of counselling generally centre on

  • Knowing how the addictive brain works, and how it effects our bodies, decisions and behaviors.
  • Understanding the mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns that we have acquired throughout the course of our lives, how they were created, and the impact that they have on the decisions we are making at this moment in time.
  • Understanding how experiences in our lives develop core ideas that impact our actions.
  • Positive communication with ourselves and others, and learning to “Live Out Loud.”

We’re Committed to Your Recovery

We think that you will have the best chance of achieving long-term recovery after investing in and completing a programme at an Creekside Ranch Treatment Centers facility for a period of 90 days. You are invited to return for another 30 days of treatment at no cost if you experience a recurrence.

Over the course of the 90 days, our clinical staff will review your progress and individual needs to determine the best degree of care for you, from Acute Detoxification to Outpatient Treatment, at Creekside Ranch Treatment Centers.